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The company ‘”MICEMUDO TRAVEL” was established in 1994 and since 2007, the company became specialized international tourism. MICEMUDO TRAVEL is located in Istanbul TURKEY.

‘”MICEMUDO TRAVEL” refers to the travel agents “A Group” in Turkish classification of travel agencies, which means that we are able to provide a full range of services, including:

Our company is active in the field of international tourism, in particular by organizing tours for Turkish citizens around the world, as well as working with foreigners in the territory of Turkey. Already many customers from Europe have used our services and appreciated the quality of our work.

Why do you need to prefer us?

Holidays can be holidays just when you can totally enjoy of your trip and nothing will spoiled your mood. In this case you need to find partner, whom you will trust a lot, because you need to be sure that your travel will be successful. We can give you some reasons why you can trust us

  1. We are placed in Istanbul, that’s why if something will goes wrong you don’t need to search services, we will solve everything.
  2. We are in touch 24 hours, 7 days, it mean you will not stay face to face with other country
  3. We have big experience in tourism, we have real knowledge about hotels, programs etc, that’s why we offer to you just best.
  4. If you have your trip alone or with group, if you prefer historical places or just shopping, we will give you best variants.
  5. If you want to see other cities and rest at seaside again we will give you best offers to choose.
  6. With multilingual speaking staff you will forget about language differences.

Our company will make your trip nice and unforgettable.

If you want to enjoy from trip of your dream, just call us and tell your wishes, then choose between variants.

We are glad to see you all the time and give to you best consulting, advices and useful information.

As MICEMUDO TRAVEL, we can provide following excursions;.

Traditional Istanbul:This excursion starts from “Sultan Ahmet Center”, the heart of the “Old City” from where the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires were ruled.

Hagia (St.) Sophia, one of the greatest marvels of architecture, constructed as a basilica in the 6th century by the Emperor Justinian.

The Blue Mosque (Sultanahmet Camii), facing Hagia Sophia, famous with its blue Iznik tiles and unique with 6 minarets, built in the name of Sultan Ahmet.

Hippodrome, center of sportive (chariot races, athletics) events and political activities of the old city. Obelisk of Theodosius, Serpentine Column, German Fountain of Wilhelm II are the monuments decorating Hippodrome.

Grand Covered Bazaar, Most attractive shopping center and biggest “souk” in the world with nearly 4000 shops selling antiques, jewelry, gold, carpets, leather ware and souvenirs.

Topkapi Palace, Imperial residence of Ottoman Sultans exhibiting Chinese porcelain, weapons, calligraphy section etc…

Treasury and Harem sections are not included in the program and are due to extra entry.

Suleymaniye Mosque, masterpiece of Sinan, the chief architect of the Ottoman Empire, built in the name of Suleyman The Magnificent during the 16th. century, considered as the best amongst the imperial mosques.

See Istanbul by the Sea:A traditional excursion by boat along the waterway separating Europe and Asia. The shore is lined with old wooden villas, palaces of marble, fortresses, and small fishing villages. During the excursion you will pass the magnificent Dolmabahçe Palace, and further along, the parks and imperial pavilions of Yildiz Palace. On the coastal edge of this park, is Çırağan Palace, 300 meters of is marble facade faces the shore. At Ortaköy a great variety of artists gather every Sunday to display their work along the street. Ortaköy is a symbol of tolerance with a church, a mosque and a synagogue existing side by side for centuries.

Istanbul Prince’s Islands Tours : Cruise in MARMARA SEA to PRINCES’ ISLANDS, retreats for the Byzantine princes are famous for their beautiful pine woods and beaches. The largest and most enjoyable of the islands is Buyukada. There you can enjoy a ride in a horsedrawn carriage among the pine trees after relaxing on the beaches in the numerous coves of its coast. Evening return to Istanbul and transfer to hotels.

As MICEMUDO TRAVEL, we can provide following services to our guests.

  • Hotel Bookings: From Luxury Hotels to Economic City Hotels, we have various types of accommodation that can suit your budget. Be it a honeymoon, a family vacation, a group request, a seminar or a convention – MICE MUDO TRAVEL will book the most suitable accommodation for you at the best available offers.
  • Meet, Assist and Transfers: Since your stay in Turkey, starts right from the time you land. Our multilingual airport representative greets you with a welcome kit, containing the detailed itinerary, excursion brochure, hotel vouchers and a map of the city. Our representative will assist you till your hotel.
  • Tours & Excursions: We offer you the opportunity to choose and customize your own trip. Necessary arrangements can be made for instance if you prefer to hire a private car for a pre-arranged itinerary and with a designated driver for your entire trip see our trips & excursions
  • MICE: MICEMUDO TRAVEL has experience in organizing Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events for groups of any size will give you the assurance of a perfect experience in this country.
  • VIP Services & Concierge Facilities: Since many years MICEMUDO TRAVEL has been in charge of organizing stays for top VIPs from around the world – for us every guest is a VIP.
  • Private Charters: We can arrange private Jets or Luxury Yacht Cruising on the strait of Bosphorus.
  • Car Rentals: Our clients can hire a vehicle, when they arrive to airport or during their stay in Turkey. We either act as an agent in arranging the booking with the car hire company or as a principal in the supply to depending on our contractual position with the car rental company.
  • Airport Fast Track Services: In three airports in Turkey we can provide fast track services. The guests don’t have to wait at the long line.

Istanbul is the meeting point of Europe and Asia, the center of many empires and a home to 17 million citizens. Yet, Istanbul is still waiting for people to discover it.

İstanbul has all the culture, nightlife, activities that a big city could have. It can show you its luxurious side as well as the ghetto part of it at the same time. You will never lose the feeling of being surprised in this city. The city of seven hills will continue to be charming as always.

Summer in Istanbul is hot and humid. Winter usually hits around October and lasts until April, and the months from November and February see a fair amount of rain. All the surrounding water generally keeps the temperature above freezing, but a cold wind blows off the frozen Balkans and there’s an occasional dusting of snow. May and September are pleasant and the most comfortable times for exploring.

April also sees Istanbul’s Tulip Festival, when parks all over the city become a riot of color.

Istanbul Film Festival. Every April for two weeks, the Istanbul Film Festival presents films from Turkey and around the world, giving film buffs a great opportunity to see contemporary Turkish cinema subtitled in English. Screenings are held mainly in Beyoğlu, as well as in Nişantaşı and Kadıköy. Make sure to purchase tickets in advance, as seats are reserved and the festival is extremely popular.

The well-regarded Istanbul Music Festival, held during several weeks in June, features mostly classical music performed by world-class musicians.